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"The support I received was exceptional and really helped me move on from some challenging times in my life"

"Dr Bains is practical, focused and empathic and her ability to unpack the issues really helped me to feel that I would be able to move forward and grow in confidence"


"..her approach was sensitive and kind and I always left our conversations with a better mindset. I will be forever grateful to her for the professional support she gave to me" 

"My therapy provided me with invaluable skills to tackle life head on"

"I found CBT with Dr Bains to be life changing, as it gave me practical tools to reflect, recover and protect myself moving forward. Each week I achieved another milestone with her support, which gave me hope that recovery was possible during a frightening time."

"I was able to improve my self-esteem and control my anxiety to apply for and start a new job. I have never felt better"

"Because of the sessions I no longer feel any stigma towards getting this sort of help to deal with life matters." 

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