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Child & Adolescent 

At Myndtherapy, we provide psychological therapy to Children & Adolescents and their families. 

Parents are invited to attend with their child for an assessment within a week of their initial contact with Myndtherapy. During the assessment, the family will have an opportunity to let the Psychologist know about their child's difficulties, in a non-judgemental and confidential space. A shared understanding of difficulties is established and the Psychologist will collaboratively develop a treatment plan to best help the family. This may involve joint working with other professionals to best support the child. 

Treatment sessions are weekly, at a convenient time slot for the child. We do offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments to work around school hours.  Each session lasts 50 minutes.

During treatment, a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic skills will be drawn on to provide children and their families with strategies and tools to manage their difficulties.

Treatment length will vary depending on each patients presentation. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence, recommends on average 14-16 sessions of treatment for most depressive and anxiety disorders. Some patients, need less and some more. 

During therapy, patients symptoms are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are making progress in overcoming their symptoms. 

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